Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Not so exciting, really

Hello again, and apologies for the very long hiatus. After months of shuttling back and forth between London and DC (yes, it sounds very glamourous, but you try doing it in seat 37D), I've finally settled down in London for the next few months. So, to kick off my adventures here, a list of what I've done so far:

1. Gone to Ikea. Several times. I might go back again this weekend. Some of you (you know who you are) are giggling, if not outright laughing, at this. Just because I've switched continents doesn't mean the love affair has ended, people!

2. Made a windowbox. It's quite pretty, with mint (for tea) and purple phlox. What I didn't realize, though, is that potting soil? It's heavy. Last weekend I went up to Camden (a neighbourhood that bears more exploring) to the garden centre, bought all my supplies, paid for them, and then thought, "well, crap. I don't have a car." So I carried them home on the tube. In retrospect, I appreciate the humour of the situation. I will never replicate it.

3. Made banana bread. And in the process discovered that I had bought what I thought was sugar, but is actually HALF-sugar, with artificial sweeteners. Luckily, I discovered this before measuring it into the recipe. And don't get me started on my accidental purchase of "low sodium salt substitute." It was sitting right next to the salt! Who are the people that buy these things?

4. Got mistaken for Irish. By a gigantic bouncer at a snotty club. It was quite nice, except I had to say, "well, probably not since 1875 or so," since I've long since lost the ability to do an Irish accent. Sigh.

5. Eaten copius amounts of Indian food. I thought I hated it, but really, I was wrong. I would eat it all the time. There's a new place that just opened down the block, and I'm determined to try it this weekend. Mexican food, now that's another story.

6. Been asked for directions at least 3 times. For those who know I track this phenomenon, I'd just like to note that my strange attractiveness to lost tourists continues.

Other than that, I've just spent a lot of time exploring various parts of central London. As I manage to get further afield, I'll be sure to post any story-worthy adventures.